£750 example

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The example shown is just one of the many memorials we offer for £750

There are many other designs available that are included in the price.
Our masons will be able to advise you when ordering the memorial.

Many more memorials will be added to the website in the next few months as well as prices.

What is included?

This memorial for £750 includes.....

£750 memorial example

* 100 letters in 23 ½ carat gold leaf
* Design eg church window or one of a hundred others
* Flower container
* Print out for your approval prior to lettering the stone
* Submitting plans & drawings to church or local authority for permission
* Fixing with ground anchors
* Home advisory visit to complete order & cemetery form and assist with wording of inscription (if required)
* Extra letters £1.40 each
* Cemetery or church fee payable in addition

No VAT needs to be added to any of our prices