In order to help our customers make informed choices on the memorial tribute of their choice,
we have included some of the more common questions and answers.


Many of your questions and concerns may be answered here

Q             Are you a franchise?
A                             No.  Memorials Cheshire Ltd is a wholly independent firm

Q             Do you use ground anchors to fix memorial stones?
A                             Yes.  We fix to NAMM, BRAMM and BS 8415 standards 

Q             Do you add additional inscriptions later to your memorials?
A                             Yes

Q             Are you a member of a trade body to give the customer peace of mind?
A                             Yes we are full members of BRAMM

Q             Do the memorials you fix carry any sort of guarantee?
A                             All work supplied and fixed by Memorials Cheshire Ltd carry the 10 year guarantees insisted upon by the trade body BRAMM.  Please visit the BRAMM website for full details and where you may also confirm the validity of Memorials Cheshire Ltd membership licence. 

Q             Are you insured?
A                             Yes.  As members of BRAMM we carry £10,000,000 Employers Liability and £5,000,000 Public Liability

Q             Do we have to apply for permission to the Church or Local Council?
A                             Yes.  Memorials Cheshire Ltd submits drawings & proposed wording & design for approval.  We are aware of what is generally allowed & can advise you. 

Q             Can we visit your workshop?
A                             The workshop is an industrial and often dusty environment with machinery, fork lift trucks & delivery vehicles and because we supply work for the trade is always very busy.  Work would have to stop so we prefer you not to.      

Q             Can you do more designs than are in the brochure?
A                             Yes.  The ones shown in the brochure are a small selection and there are some more on the website.  We have hundreds of standard designs that are used a lot at the prices quoted.  We are also able to etch a design from your good quality original photograph or jpeg.  We will advise you upon receipt if the photograph is suitable. 

Q             We have seen a memorial elsewhere – can you supply it?
A                             Probably, yes.  If you provide us with a picture and a note of the burial ground it is intended for we will quote a price and delivery

Q             How can we buy a memorial from Memorials Cheshire on a home visit without visiting your showroom and looking at memorials on display?
A                             Many customers do.  Most masons have only a few representative memorials on display in the showroom.  On the home visit small samples of stone, designs and assistance with all the detail as to lettering styles and shape of memorial is given. 

Q             Do you put pressure on people who have asked for a brochure by following it up with unsolicited phone calls or knocks on our door?
A                             Absolutely not: we do not like being pestered by over zealous salesmen & we guarantee you will never receive unwanted or unsolicited calls, letters or visits from any of our staff.  We issue our brochure pack & leave it to you to decide if you wish to use us. 

Q             How long after the funeral should we order the memorial?

A                             Buying a memorial is unique and for many customers it is the first and only time they will have to do it.  Choosing should be done in your own time as often there are a number of members of the family involved in the decision making process and everyone wants a degree of input although  experience shows that the majority of families leave the final say to the surviving spouse.  Although many families want the memorial erected as soon as possible we implore you to take your time because once the memorial is lettered and fixed it is a very expensive job indeed to change it.  Never be rushed by a funeral director to make snap decisions too soon after the funeral!  If there is no concrete beam at the head of the grave and it was a burial rather than cremated remains then 6 months is usual to let the ground settle.  

Q             How long from placing order to fixing?
A                             4/6 weeks for standard stones.  Please note that if alterations to the inscription
are made after the order is placed this time will be extended

Q             How much experience do your stonemasons and letter cutters have?
A                             The letter cutters, stonemasons and fixing staff employed by or sub contracted to  Memorials Cheshire Ltd have been in the trade for many years – collectively over 70 years.  The stonemasons are 2nd generation and the quality of workmanship is of the highest standard.  They have crafted, designed & fixed  20000+ memorial stones throughout the North West for retail and trade customers over the decades as well as working on the carving of 3 cathedrals and many churches   

Q             How do I start to work out the wording to put on the memorial?
A                             It may help you if you break the inscription down into …
Heading, Name(s), Date(s), Relationship line(s), Verse or quote (if any)
Please see inside back cover of the brochure for some guidance

Q             How will it actually look on the memorial?
A                             Once you place your order Memorials Cheshire Ltd produce a scale print out on a sheet of A4 showing the lineage layout & lettering styles for your signed approval before the inscription is cut.  We will not proceed with the memorial until we have the signed print out from the customer 

Q             Will you accept a completed order from the funeral director on our behalf?
A                             No.  We will not deal through any intermediary as there is more chance of the job going wrong when dealing through a third party as a result of communication breakdowns and inattention to detail which is critical in our trade.  We insist on dealing directly with the family

Q             Do you do renovate old memorials?
A                             Memorials Cheshire Ltd is structured primarily to supply and fix new memorial stones which we do in a professional and efficient manner and at competitive prices.  Working on old stones is highly labour intensive and expensive.  There are issues about matching up the letters - is the stone to be cleaned and if so is the whole stone to be cleaned or just the area where any additional inscription is going – the latter is the cheaper option but is one that shows up how dirty an old stone has become – in particular if it is white marble.  The stone may already be chipped and there may be latent fissures in the stone that are not visible to the naked eye and only become apparent to the trained eye or not even until the stone arrives in the workshop when the memorial has been stripped down.  In most cases old stones are not fixed with ground anchors and membership of BRAMM demands that we refix the stone with an anchor system: that alone is not cheap as there are two visits to the cemetery by two skilled men - once to remove and once to refix the stone.  If you send us some good quality jpegs of the memorial that requires work and tell us the cemetery and grave and section number or a map for Church of England churchyards which don’t usually have  grave numbers we may be able to carry out a visual inspection when we are next working there and we will revert to you with our comments.  Our prices will be no cheaper than other stonemasons for this class of work.  This sort of work is not so much a matter of getting the cheapest price – it is more a matter of finding an experienced stonemason who can do the work professionally

Q             How do we clean our granite memorial?
A                             Gently using sponge and water – no abrasives or detergents

Q             One of the gold leaf letters has gone white – is the gold coming off?
A                             No.  There is no white in the process – it will almost certainly be bird droppings  it happens a lot.  Clean using a soft cloth but being extremely careful not to damage the gold leaf which is very soft

Q             Do you supply granite fireplaces, kitchen surfaces or one off house names?
A                             No. What about pet memorials - yes please contact to discuss your requirements

Q             Can we insure our memorial?
A                             Memorials Cheshire Ltd insurance covers defective workmanship.  However you may wish to cover the two main risks which concern people - vandalism and impact damage, for example should a lawnmower or vehicle or falling tree cause damage.  Let us know at the time of the order and we can arrange it for you on a specialist block policy.  A single premium of £47 gives initial cover for 5 years for a memorial costing £700 or £115 for one costing £2000.  The premium is the same for all churches and cemeteries so if the memorial is going into a higher risk area – more usually associated with some urban cemeteries where you know there have been problems in the past it is something you may wish to consider.   We find 40% of customers take out insurance.  We can arrange for this to come into force from the day the memorial is fixed but we must be informed in the space provided on the order form and the premium paid before cover starts.  Cover cannot be backdated.  Premiums quoted were correct at the time of printing and include 5% Insurance Premium Tax.   Note the cover lasts for 5 years which in our opinion represents good value compared for example to extended warranty insurances sold by retailers. 

Q             Which cemeteries & churchyards do you fix in?
A                             We supply and fix in cemeteries and churchyards that are in between Liverpool and Shrewsbury and Chester to the M6. We do not fix in Manchester

Q             How do we pay for our memorial?
A                             We ask for a 50% deposit with the order in cash for which a receipt is given or by postal order, cheque, bankers draft, online transfer from your bank account directly to our bank account.  The balance is payable within 14 days after we fix the memorial in the burial ground. 

Q             Can we pay at our local Post office?
A                             Yes.  You can pay directly into our account at any Post Office and they will provide you with a receipt. 

Q             Can we pay by credit or debit card?
A                             Sorry, no.  We would like to be able to accept payment by these methods but unfortunately small businesses the size of ours are charged disproportionately high charges by way of a monthly set fee plus rental for the machine and a percentage for each payment.  We have looked at the matter but if we did accept payment by these methods our prices would need to increase significantly

Q             How do we pay the Cemetery or Church fee?
A                             We usually ask you for the Cemetery or Church fee with the deposit.  When applying for permission for the memorial on your behalf we issue our cheque for the fee directly to the Local Authority, burial ground or Church

Q             How do we place our order & how long does it take to do the paperwork?
A                             Always by appointment please …
Our preference is a home visit 9:30am - 4pm Monday – Friday
Some early evenings or some Saturday mornings 9am – 12pm.  Not Sundays.
Visiting us by appointment between normal office hours Monday – Friday
If you know exactly what you want we can complete the paperwork in as little as 20 minutes but 45 minutes is the average. 

Memorials Cheshire Ltd                    07548292979